Afternoon Birding

The girls and I try and assign each day a subject. Sometimes we cook, sometimes we visit friends, sometimes we learn geography. Tuesday we try and do something artistic. Yesterday we needle felted some birds. We have been seeing so many at the feeder lately and  it being Spring made me think of birds.


I think mine, the bluebird came out a little cartoonish. The girls’ came out much better.


We put them out on the feeder to be funny. At one point the wind uplifted mine and it looked like it flew away!


We were busy at it for most of the afternoon. It was the perfect thing to do on a windy, cool March day.

Happy Crafting!



4 thoughts on “Afternoon Birding

  1. I think the birds look lovely and that was a smart idea sitting them around the bird feeder. A few weeks ago, I told my daughter she should try wool felting. She’s such a talented artist and does enjoy sculpting with clay, I do believe she’d do well with this and I have a lot of wool fiber.


    1. It is really fun. Can be frustrating for perfectionists. It takes time but we really just started this year and taught ourselves.


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