What’s for Dinner – Menu & Recipe


Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter as I did. Both my older boys came home for the weekend so the dinner table was full again. It was loud and fun with music, conversation, and lots of eating. We all got outside for a while on Sunday as it was a beautiful day.

We all hear that question, ‘What’s for dinner, or what’s for supper’. I even get ‘What are you making for breakfast today?’ I don’t plan out the breakfast menu. When I wake up I decide what we are having. It depends on our schedule, what time it is when I make my way downstairs and what time my husband leaves. Anyway this post and every Monday’s post is about dinner, or supper as some of us call it. Every Monday I will post a menu for the up coming week. I love getting meal ideas from other people and I hope that my menu may help someone. I also will post about a meal that was successful and offer a recipe. We all love recipe’s!


We had a turkey dinner for Easter this year. I served all the fixings that would normally go with a turkey dinner. My husband always does a dry brine on the turkey and it is so very good. It locks the juices and flavor right in.


Yummy broiled potatoes (both sweet and some russets) were a hit. I love adding a vidalia onion to the potatoes.

I had to change my menu around a bit last week, since we decided to have our big meal on Saturday instead of Sunday. My sons needed to leave Sunday to go back home to get ready for work and I didn’t want to stress with a big meal. On Sunday after a big breakfast we had egg salad sandwiches (use up all those hard boiled eggs!) for dinner and snacked off and on.

On Friday I made chicken enchiladas. Those are always a hit. I thought you may want the recipe. It is very easy and super yummy!

Chicken Enchiladas:

Package of 10 large tortillas

2 TBSP oil or butter

8oz cream cheese

1 large onion

Can of black olives

1/2 cup of salsa

2 to 3 cups of cooked, shredded chicken

1 TBSP cumin

1 TBSP garlic powder

1 TBSP chili powder

salt to taste

2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese

One can of enchilada sauce. (We use mild and it has a bit of a kick, but if you like it hotter look for the hot!)

Cook onions in oil, add cream cheese and stir until melted. Add chopped olives and spices. Add salsa and chicken. Stir to incorporate. Add chicken and stir until chicken is covered in creamy sauce. Take off heat. Take about 1/4 cup of mixture and put inside tortilla. Roll to wrap and place in a greased glass dish that has edges. When the pan is filled pour the enchilada sauce over and top with a little more cheddar cheese if you like. Since the mixture is hot these won’t take long to cook. Cook in oven at 350 degrees until bubbly. If there happens to be leftovers these will reheat very nicely.

Here is my dinner menu for this week.

Monday: Salmon, basmati rice, and broiled brussel sprouts

Tuesday: Open faced turkey sandwiches with whole wheat bread and broccoli

Wednesday: Stir Fry with pasta

Thursday: Hamburgers on the Grill French fries and fried zucchini

Friday: Baked chicken parts with brown rice and green beans

Saturday: Beef roast, potatoes and carrots and cauliflower

Sunday: Spaghetti and sauce and crusty bread

Enjoy your week! If you have any meal ideas let me know!










4 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner – Menu & Recipe

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. This past Sunday, we were over my boyfriends aunts house for our Easter meal. We attended last year also. Let’s see, I made black bean burgers on Monday, pulled chicken yesterday and today it most likely will bee eggrolls.


      1. Oh I just toss in whatever sounds good. I don’t follow recipes, since I have too much fun experimenting. However, I will measure when I make them and post the recipe on my site. It looks like that will be tomorrow since I think we’ll have leftovers today. It’s a brisk day in Maryland; however, the sun is out and so I did some much needed planting in our garden. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow.


      2. I’ll be looking for it. I am a wee bit jealous of the gardening. That won’t be happening right off here in Maine! But soon.


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