Happy Spring… Snowstorm!





As it often happens here in Maine, we were met with a snowstorm on the first day of Spring. It was not a bad one but we got several inches on the ground. It is pretty out there again. Gone is all the mud. The snow has covered all the fallen twigs and forgotten leaf piles. You would think that after all the warm mild weather we had that it would be a shocker for us all. Nope. The cats, kids, chickens, birds, even the little green shoots just looked like they expected it. I am sure it will be gone in a day or so. I expect we will get a few more of these little storms before Spring is really here.




Back inside we go, back to the cozy warm wood stove, back to the knitting and sewing. That is the way it goes here. Pretty normal. I made a banana bread today and caught up on laundry after a weekend away. Every so often I would look out the window and see that it was still snowing. The nice sunny warm weather will come. For now I will enjoy this early spring cold and snow.

Enjoy your day!






4 thoughts on “Happy Spring… Snowstorm!

  1. We used to live in Alberta and you are guaranteed a spring snowstorm or 3. No lie. You are a no-reply blogger, did you know? I’m glad I was able to find you through your blogger profile though. 🙂 There is a fix for this on my blog under the comments if you like. 🙂 These are beautiful photos; you should join up with Soma’s Wandering Camera.


    1. Thank you for telling me. I didn’t realize this was a problem. I went in and fiddled with my google settings and think I have fixed it.


  2. Your pictures are lovely, especially the one of your daughter.

    I love snow and would actually welcome some here. We received snow flurries on Saturday; however it was too warm so it did not amount to anything.

    Wood stoves and crafting just go together, don’t they? I regular engage in some handcraft around our wood stove. My daughter is there, and after her homework is complete,she’s usually sketching or drawing. She informed me that there IS a difference.

    Later this week, I’m making beef jerky. I’ve dehydrated a lot of foods, mainly raw gourmet snacks,nbut never that. I’m looking forward to the adventure and bringing my daughter along for the ride since her Spring Break starts tomorrow. They have an early dismissal.

    Oh… I purchased the book, “Stina,” and I’m already halfway through the book. As much as I love making food, I can appreciate a fictitious book that focuses on the topic. I don’t follow recipes or measure either… so it seems Stina and I have that in common. When it comes to eating food… I’m a grazer, my daughter is the same way.


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