Lots of Knitting, and Reading!

My girls are getting in on the act of today’s knitting post. Yesterday they both surprised me when they asked me to cast on a project for each of them. They both have matching stuffed seals and they both wanted to make the seals a shawl. So sweet!


The Four-Story Mistake is a classic children’s story. We read the Saturday’s by the same author earlier this year and my daughter wanted to read more about these four siblings. For her knitting she is using a wool, acrylic mix in blues and gray.


I probably cannot say more about By the Shores of Silver Lake. Most of us are familiar with the Laura Ingalls Wilder series. It is so wonderful that children are still excited about reading these books. This knitting project is being done in a soft pink alpaca, acrylic. It is super soft.


My fingerless mitts project went from bad to worse this week. I started these mitts in alpaca and wanted to try my hand at making it up as I went along. It didn’t really work out. The alpaca proved to be a little too loose for mitts. I changed to a hand spun wool that someone gave me and it is hard for me to work with. Either that or I am having a bad knitting week. I have started over several times. I keep messing up on the ribbing. With this yarn the ribbing pattern is hard to see and when I put it down for a while then pick it up I tend to not see where I left off. Now I am using a pattern from Ravelry from Calypso Knits. I am hoping I can get these mitts done by my son’s birthday on the 26th! Good thing I am traveling this weekend. Lots of time as a passenger is good for knitting! Right now I am reading these short stories by John McPhee. I am actually reading them to a client who just turned 92! She loves to be read to. I love to read. Can’t complain about a job like that now can I?


A good update to report is my sweater! I have started the sleeves and it is going very nicely. I work on it at night when it is quiet. I am so excited to finish this project.

Happy Knitting and Reading!

Joining Ginny again today for the Yarn Along.



6 thoughts on “Lots of Knitting, and Reading!

  1. The knitting is lovely.nyour daughters are doing a wonderful job. I love the fingerless gloves. Since you wrote about them, I’ve been thinking about making a pair for me. I dislike having my fingertips covered. Earlier today,mInpurchased some roving from my local yarn shop. I’m thinking of combining that with the angora fiber, once that arrives, to make some handspun yarn. Your sweater is coming along nicely. Road trips, if you’re the passenger, are perfect for knitting! I imagine you’ll accomplish a lot!

    I taught my daughter how to sew when she was five. She still sews. She’s now 12. She wasn’t too keen on crochet or knitting, although she knows how to do both. She loves to draw and write stories and be outdoors… just like me.

    I read the LIW series when I was seven. Do you know that I still read them yearly? Farmer Boy was my favorite, followed by The Long Winter. That simple life appeals to me and it’s something I try to apply into my daily life. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm. I’m hoping I can spin outside, after my clients work is complete. We’ll see!


  2. i have made fingerless gloves, well not really as they are not finished. i did fine until i got to the “V” and then everything went downhill. i used alpaca yarn and they are still in my knitting basket, waiting to be finished.

    your sweater is beautiful, you life must be very full with 2 girls running around!!! have a happy sunday!!!


    1. The pattern I used is quite easy. I assume you meant the thumb when you said ‘V’. Calypso knits ‘Easy Fingerless Mitts’ on Ravelry explains how to do the thumb quite easily. Good luck finishing them. Yes the girls light up my days!


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