Pruning Raspberry Bushes

It has been so nice out that I couldn’t avoid it any longer. I am afraid to think Spring is here, for fear that it isn’t. Does that make sense? Where I live in Maine we usually have snow until April. Then it slowly melts and we get green grass and flowers some time in late May or June even. This year things are very different. The sun was out, it was about 50 degrees and the bushes were calling me. Today it is rainy and 34 degrees. Good thing I took advantage of yesterday’s weather.


My raspberry bushes or canes as they call them were a mess. I went in with the clippers and got rid of all the dead or wimpy stuff. Then I trimmed down the good canes. I read that you are supposed to trim them right near a new bud. I trimmed them down to about 3 feet. Some of the canes were 8 or 9 feet high! While I was out there I also pruned the blueberry bushes. I clipped off dead limbs and also got rid of any over growth.


Doesn’t that look nice and neat? Lets hope for lots of berries!


Now I can get back to the blocks! Enjoy your day!


2 thoughts on “Pruning Raspberry Bushes

  1. I had to smile, your property (wooded area) looks similar to ours. I love raspberries. We don’t have raspberry bushes, but we do have blackberries and a few mulberry trees (and a few other fruit trees) out back. Last year I canned blackberry jam. We also have a grapevine that’s near one of our beehives.

    The quilt blocks do look very nice and neat. I have not made a quilt in a few years; however, I’ve been thinking about making one sometime this year.


    1. Thank you. I really love putting the blocks together. I need to get better at actual quilting. I don’t can my fruit but we do freeze a lot of it. I do make a little jam.


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