That In Between Time


We are not bored by any means. Plenty to do. It is quite mild outside, even warm I dare say. It reached about 60 degrees yesterday. It is March! I know I keep saying it but it is just weird! There is so much mud, as always in Spring. The girls have been loving it. They have been in the woods floating their cork boats they made. Having races with dad.


We are sort of in that in between time. Not warm enough or even time to garden. Can’t really clean up the yard yet since you sink into chasms of mud and muck. Learning about Europe and Asia. Painting. Cooking. Random things. Waiting for an up coming trip to Rhode Island. You know that feeling? That waiting for the next thing feeling.


Some days are rainy and we stay inside. On the warm days the girls are out in the woods planning forts and games for the summer.


Even though it was a mild winter the calendar still reminds us that Spring and Summer are coming right up. Maybe we are just a little tired of the soups and stews (especially when I plan 5 of them in one week! Yikes what was I thinking?).


There are string performances and ballet shows coming up. We have been thinking about what we want to do this summer. I think we have decided to forgo any camps and spend time together going places we haven’t been, like Bay of Fundy or New York City!


We will get through this in between stage as we always do. That waiting for Spring anxiousness, restlessness and excitement. We see it in the birds, and the cats and in ourselves. What are you doing while you wait for Spring?

Happy Pre-Spring!


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