Farmer/Builder’s Mitts


I started some fingerless mitts for my son. He is a farmer and a builder. He uses his hands and fingers a lot. He really can’t wear gloves while he works. His hands get cold and yes, dirty but using gloves gets in the way of picking up seeds and nails and it makes it hard to do detailed work. I can imagine trying to knit or embroider with gloves on. That would never work!

I am trying to make these mitts on the fly so to speak. I am trying to come up with my own pattern. I am using Alpaca yarn. That should make them soft and comfy. I figure it will be cool if not cold out in the fields for a while longer and he should get some good use out of them.


I am still reading Stina, the Story of a Cook. I like the book but just haven’t been reading much lately. My husband and I finished watching the series Doc Martin on Netflix. Have you seen that series? I loved it and hope the next season comes soon. Until then maybe I can read a little more at night.

Happy Knitting and Reading!

Joining Ginny today for Yarnalong!


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