Inside Color


A week ago I brought these clippings of my Forsythia bush inside. I grew tired of the greenery that came from the woods in December. I grew bored of the Poinsettia plant still in full bloom.


In a matter of days the little brown buds started to turn green and yellow.


This morning we have this little beauty! I can’t have color outside, but I can have it inside where it is warm and cozy.


It makes for a nice center piece. Now we all can enjoy a little Pre-Spring.


Last fall before we got a freeze I brought in my potted Inpatients. They flowered all winter. These are right beside my bed in a window. I can wake up and see them every morning.


Outside it is a very different story. There are small signs of Spring. Yesterday we got a dusting of snow and then a little ice. The green poking through is stark against the white, gray and brown.


These ladies are not amused. Not one bit. They had some soft ground and bugs and grubs a few days ago, but now it is all white and frozen again. Sorry girls! I’ll bring some treats today!


Here is the Forsythia outside. Much nicer inside I say. These will bloom too, in time.


For now we are still burning wood. Still inside, cozy, knitting, sewing, cooking. With all the color inside it is hard not to start thinking about when the color will start popping up and out! With the mild winter we have had it is almost harder to wait because we have been teased so much. My daughters are feeling a bit like the chickens. What’s up with the snow mom? I thought it was Spring!




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