Em and Patience – Farmer Blocks


I have the book Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt 1930’s. I decided to work on the “Em” block first.  I didn’t want to cut into my new fabric quite yet though. I wanted to get a feel for the blocks and the directions before I really started for fear I would mess up and waste fabric. It was a good thing too, because for some reason I picked one of the hardest blocks in the book to try first. It has many pieces.


I labeled them by rows. I put this block together the way the book suggested.  It came out about 6.25 square more or less. It was a bit bigger on one side. All in all I felt it was acceptable. I put a border around it and played around on my machine trying out the stippling foot. I am not that good at that! It was fun though.


On Tuesday I went to a friends house to sew and decided to try a very easy block from the book and chose the block “Patience”. I did use the new fabric this time. I am quite happy with the way it came out and I love, love my new fabric.


They are reproduction fabrics from Jo Morton. So fun to work with cute fabric isn’t it?


Happy Quilting!



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