Our First Felting








Have you ever wanted to learn something but kept putting it off because it seemed too difficult. Or maybe you were waiting for that right moment when someone could show you or teach you how to do it? I felt that way about needle felting. I had looked at projects that other people did, searched Waldorf sites to see if there were any easy projects, and dreamed over Pintrest pages. Finally I just picked up some needles, and colored wool roving at our local yarn shop. I played around with it and found it was really quite easy. The girls were attracted right away of course. They love crafting! These people and the mice are a collection of things the girls have made.

We put on a Valentines tea for friends and I taught all the girls how to make little fairy’s. It is very fun. the wool is soft and as I told the girls, there is no right or wrong way. Only be careful of the sharp needles! So next time you want to try something that looks fun, just try it. You won’t be sorry.



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