Scrappy Triangles


I finished this scrappy quilt for my daughter. Not all the fabrics were from my scrap pile, but a lot were. She picked out a few of the fabrics at a quilt shop. I made some of the fabric from some of her drawings. It was risky, because I didn’t really ask her if that was what she wanted because I wanted to surprise her. She loves to draw but I wasn’t sure if she wanted to always have the drawings on show.



This is the first time I tried a triangle quilt. My daughter saw one last year during a Quilt Shop Hop and liked it. I decided to make her one but didn’t realize there is a little bit more to it than sewing triangles together. After searching online for ideas I came across a blog called Stitched in Color. I loved the look of her triangle quilt and thought her directions were easy to understand and detailed enough for me.


The challenge for me was lining them up so I didn’t get too many triangles on one side more than the other. Also I got a little obsessive about colors and brights and darks. I quickly gave that up though or I would have driven myself crazy. In the tutorial it really showed how to make sure to keep the points and it worked like a charm.


On the day I was finishing it she wrapped herself up in it while I was sewing the binding. She loves the quilt. Luckily she likes the drawings and was surprised to find one in there that she drew when she was three years old. She couldn’t believe I saved it.


Joining Amanda for Finish it Friday! Happy Quilting!




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