Another Warm One – In February

Last night we all woke up to a huge clap of thunder. It was pouring and windy and thundering and lightening. It is February 25th for crying out loud! On March 21, 2012 I snapped a picture of the girls catching some rays on Lake Sebago in Maine. It was in the high 80’s. I wonder if this year we will see those types of high temperatures in Spring. I know we cannot stop this warming trend our earth is on. I will mourn winter though. I feel a bit cheated this year.


I actually like winter. I like Summer and Fall too. I am not a fan of Spring. I know, who doesn’t like Spring? I think Spring here in Maine is ugly. As far as the calendar reads it may be spring on March 21 but usually we do not see it. There is no color. Everything is brown or gray. There is so much mud we have to walk on pallets from the driveway to the house. Which can be a little dangerous if you try to walk fast. Your feet can get stuck in between the wood pieces and you may lose a shoe! I cannot keep the mud out of the house. It seems to be everywhere.

Because we have had such warm temps with intermittent snow and ice and cold we have lots of mud every time there are thaws. It has been that way all ‘winter’ here in Maine this year. Yuk!


One good thing about these temps is that my greens are growing and I suppose I can start adding a garden section to this blog. It won’t be long before we are eating lettuce and spinach now. With the sun higher and out longer the greens will be growing! Of course I will have to be careful to pull up the sides of the hoops should we have any 80 degree days!

Having fresh greens early in the season is good but I like a real winter. I love to be tucked in and cozy for months on end. I love sitting in front of the fire with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and my knitting or my stitching.


Poor snowmen everywhere around the state are melting or are long gone. Their little carrots and handmades are floating in puddles. With all this rain my chickens are going to wish they had webbed feet when they go out of the coop.


I know I am different from the norm because I am hoping for one or two good cold snaps with some more snow. Lets cover up all that mud. Lets have a little bit more time to order those seeds. Lets have some more time in front of the wood stove curled up with a ball of yarn and some needles.

Does anyone agree with me? It is okay if you don’t. Happy Winter!?



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