Final Push


Full steam ahead on this sweater I say. I am finally finished with a quilt that my daughter was waiting for. I am not quite done with the shirt I am working on for myself. It has frustrated me so much I have put it in a time out. It is beautiful in the arms and yolk but the back is so puffy and baggy. I have tried darts, and bringing in the sides and it still looks like a maternity top. Not that I don’t like those. I loved wearing maternity clothes when I was pregnant. Loved being pregnant. But I am not expecting and I don’t want anyone to ask if I am thank you very much. I think a little time away from the shirt will be just what I need.

I started The Book of Tea. It isn’t just about tea and the ceremony surrounding it. It is a book about Japanese philosophy and art. I like it. It talks about Taoism and Zen Buddhism. Thanks to my sons and their love for philosophy I am understanding this book quite well.

I am putting away the socks and the shirt so that I can push ahead on this sweater. It is called February Lady and it would be so nice if I could wear it in February! Happy knitting!

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along today.


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