I actually finished this embroidery panel a while ago but just recently finished making it into a pillow. I fell in love with this picture because it is so much like two of my very best friends and me. We are all very much homebodies. I am in the middle, my friend Betty is on the left and Eleanor is on the right. I enjoyed every moment of stitching this. I will probably order a different sampler. Charlotte Lyons is the artist. She has a blog called House Wren Studio. All her embroidery samples are on her Etsy page.

These samplers can be done any way you want. I emailed her for some hints and she got right back to me. Most of the samplers are full of flowers and small animals. I am eyeing the house and neighborhood samplers. Or maybe I will get the birds and flowers one. It will be a difficult choice.


I couldn’t think of what to do with the sampler when I finished. I thought of putting it in a frame, but never got around to it. I decided to make a pillow. Now it sits on my bed. It adds color and pattern to the room.

Joining Amanda for Finish it Friday! Have a great weekend!




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