A Cowl for Me


Joining Ginny again for the Yarn Along.  I really don’t need another project started, but here I am knitting a cowl for myself. This makes three knitting projects I have going on right now. I am using a pattern called Swimming with Salmon. It is on Ravelry for free. It is a pretty easy pattern and it seems to knit up fast. The yarn is Mountain Knits Twizzle. It is a wool and silk mix.

I read Shopping for Porcupine. I really liked it. It is about a man that was brought up by his back to the lander parents in Alaska. He leaves home for college and then returns again to the place he grew up.  It is the story of the people he knew, the way the natives really live their lives and the environmental tolls that the land and country side endure for the sake of technology and modern ways of life moving in.

Swallowdale is a children’s book that I am reading aloud to the girls. Just about everyday we take time to sit and read a chapter book. We finished Swallows and Amazons and naturally wanted to read the next book in the series. So far it is picking up right where the first one left off and it is a good story. Two brothers and two sisters with two friends that they met in the last book are having a summer full of adventure.

Even though I have three knitting projects going I really didn’t get much knitting done this week. I am trying to finish a shirt I started sewing and I have been spending nights watching Doc Martin   on Netflix and hand sewing the binding on a quilt. I am hoping to finish those two projects this week and have more time for the needles!


Happy Knitting!


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