How to Hard ‘Boil’ Fresh Eggs


Fresh eggs. Let us clarify the definition of ‘Fresh’. There is fresh from the nest. I have actually stepped into the chicken house mid lay before. As soon as the egg dropped I grabbed it. That is about as fresh as you can get. There is also fresh as in a few days old up to a week old.

Many of the grocery stores sell ‘fresh’ eggs and they could be 2 to 3 weeks old. They are still good to eat, but the word fresh means something different to someone who raises chickens.

Having fresh eggs is a wonderful thing. I can tell the difference in my eggs and a store egg. The yolk color in my eggs is much deeper and the white is stronger and holds up in a pan better. I love my fresh eggs.

What I don’t like is trying to make deviled eggs or hard boiled eggs with my day or two old eggs. It just doesn’t work. When you go to peel it half the white comes off with the shell. It can be awful.

Here is the trick:

Put a dozen or so fresh eggs in a marked container and leave for a few days.

When ready to make hard boiled eggs get a pot ready with a little water and a steamer basket in it. Place eggs inside the steamer basket. With cover off, heat until the water boils. It won’t take long so watch it.

Cover pot and put your timer on 20 minutes.

Uncover, drain hot water, fill pot with cold water. Let cool a bit and Peel!

That is it. That is the big secret. It works for me every time.


Look at that egg that has all it’s white intact!


Look at the salted egg. Doesn’t it look great?


Here is the yolk. My daughter doesn’t like to eat the yolk in a hard ‘steamed’ egg. Can you believe that? Don’t worry, it didn’t get wasted.

Now you can have a ‘fresh’ hard boiled egg.


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