Scrap Crazy


It has been all about scrappy quilts around here. I’ve finished my second one and almost done with the third.  I made a decision to clean out my fabric and use up some scraps. It certainly did use up quite a bit of my stash which I am happy about but I think it added more scraps in the end. I am thinking I may need to make a few mug rugs and table runners to finish off those scraps.


I decided on an Hour Glass block for my daughter’s quilt. Searching online I saw the best tutorial ever at Rita’s blog. This tutorial was just the step by step instruction that I needed. I didn’t have a pattern. I just made many little hourglass blocks and then sewed them together and kept going until I felt it was big enough for my daughter’s small bed. At one time I had bought yards and yards of the white border fabric on sale and still had enough left for this quilt. So technically, I didn’t buy any new fabric for this scrappy quilt.


The second quilt was also purely a scrap quilt. Everything I used was in my stash. This is a huge quilt and is for my (and my husband’s) bed. I wanted something heavy because we heat with only wood and our room is on the top level of the house which means it is chilly at night. I used a thick cotton batting and a nice piece of flannel.  I tied this quilt because I liked the old fashion look to it.


This quilt is made up of 9 square blocks. I kept going, using up my stash until it seemed big enough. I purposely taught myself not to care about the colors matching up. I literally had hundreds of squares in a bag and just pulled them out to sew them together. The only thing I did obsess about was putting two of the same fabrics together. Making this quilt was good for me because sometimes I can get a little too obsessive about patterns and colors and it will slow down my progress of getting things finished. So this was a little bit of a therapy quilt for me.

I am joining Amanda Jean for Finish it Friday today. Happy (Scrap) Quilting!







6 thoughts on “Scrap Crazy

  1. You are the second person to write about the glories of this quilting site. I hope to make a quilt one day in the future. I sewed a quilt entirely by hand 35 years ago! I love hand quilting.


    1. I love hand quilting too, I just don’t have enough time for it usually. I think I like too many crafts! I do love the whole process of quilting. The piecing and ironing being my favorite. Right now I am hand sewing a binding onto a big quilt and I have to say that is not my favorite part. Iv’e been doing it at night while watching Netflix shows.


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