Porcupine Poop

It was a beautiful day today and I couldn’t resist heading outside with the girls. Walking in the woods never bores me. Them yes, but not me. Today I thought it would be good to go into part of the woods we have not walked in a while. “It has a hill! You could bring the sled and slide!”, I said most persuasively. They loved that idea so we set out. Unfortunately there was a big tree that had fallen right in the middle of that hill that would have been awesome to slide down. We crossed a small stream and walked up the hill. The girls sat down for a rest and we all looked over at a huge rotten tree that had brown stuff all around the bottom of it.


Can you see the brown stuff? Do you know what it is? Of course you do because you read the title of this post. Yes lots and lots of poop. From a porcupine.



We didn’t see the porcupine but it was quite obvious one was living in that tree.  See the hole up there? This hole was toward the top of the tree. I think that is where the porcupine was sleeping.


There were quills nearby too.


It ended up being a nice walk, even though the sledding couldn’t happen. As tired as the girls acted while walking they stayed outside for another hour after I went inside. Hope you are getting a chance to be outside today!


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