Pink and Blue


Joining Ginny again for a Yarn Along. I am working on these blue and white socks. I am using some self striping yarn on size 2 needles. I’ve been reading through this Nourishing Traditions book. It is pack full of little nutritional tips and recipes. There are collections of quotes, studies and opinions from many different scientists, doctors and other nutritional experts. I don’t agree with all the different philosophies but there is a lot of great information.  The recipes use whole foods and are very healthy looking.


Here is a pink, white and gray pair of socks that I finished. These are for me. I am knitting the blue ones up for the girls. They like the short socks for the summer time. It is no where near summer right now so I think I have more time to finish them up.  Happy Knitting!



7 thoughts on “Pink and Blue

    1. Thank you. I tried to comment on your blog but couldn’t. Hoping this works. I love your book idea. Chronicles of Narnia is a classic for sure. I have read it several times to each of my children.


  1. This is a nice sock pattern. Is it your own or published somewhere? I rather like it, and what yarn are you using if I may ask?
    I keep Nourishing Traditions on my kitchen counter in reaching range. I totally agree with you that it contains great information, much of which I have incorporated into my cooking.
    Thank you for your comment on my post. I look forward to finding time to read through your blog.


    1. Hi! I cannot remember the sock yarn brand but next time I go to my knitting class I will write it down and get back to you. The pattern is called ‘Classic Socks for the Family’ it is the only pattern I have used so I do like it. In the pattern it has directions for 5 sizes, using three different wts of yarn. It is an all around good pattern. I just started my blog, so thank you for reading. I am having fun with it.


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