New Fabric!!


Oh my goodness I am in love with this new fabric I picked up this weekend. I have been eyeing it for a while, almost a year. I am also very excited about this new book The Farmer’s Wife 1930’s. I got this lovely bunch of fabrics at a shop here in Maine called The Busy Thimble. Most of the fabrics in this stack are from a line called Alexandria by Jo Morton. I was drawn to them throughout the store. The owner was so helpful. I showed her the book and the block I wanted to start with and she answered questions I had about color and patterns. My husband gave me a gift certificate to her shop for Christmas and I spent the whole thing!


It is hard to describe the feeling of love I have for fabric.  Do you know the feeling you get when you hold a new baby, or when you hold a baby kitten or puppy? You know that feeling where you want to squeeze them? That is the feeling I have for new fabric. Especially beautifully made, quality fabric. Even my young daughters felt the difference in this fabric. It is soft and silky and I haven’t even washed it. I just love fabric, don’t you? I cannot wait to get started on this new project. I am making a shirt for myself right now though and I want to finish it first. A while ago I decided I really needed to reign in my UFO’s and make a pact with myself to do one sewing project at a time. So shirt and then quilt.


I want to start with “Take to the Woods” or “Em”  from the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s  book. I like the pattern and I live in the woods so I felt it was a good one to start with. I know there are a lot of Quilt Alongs out on the web these days having to do with this book. Many are quite helpful with tutorials and flicker groups. Not sure if I will join them or not, we shall see.


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