Winter Is Here, Finally











Winter in Maine is here. It did take its sweet time this year. I am sure there would be some that wouldn’t admit it but I think most of us were relieved that it did come. Snowshoeing is a soft slow walk. The trees are bare, the sky bright blue, the air fresh and still. It is so quiet out there today I didn’t even hear the birds. (Except the chickens of course) Nests have been abandoned. Forts in the woods are empty, the occupants moving to snow caves. The chickens are not so happy but they get out when they can. The raised beds are buried and the hoops are covered. I sure hope there are greens under there waiting for the thaw and the light. Color from the fungus and mushrooms is stark out there in all the white. I believe I discovered some Chaga out there! I walked until the sun started to set. It was a most lovely walk. I am so glad winter is here!


3 thoughts on “Winter Is Here, Finally

  1. Winter arrived for us here too this past week. But I am in the south! Maine, I still wait for the day I can visit your state. I have only gone as far as Vermont…and a smidgen into New Hampshire. Love these photos. But I must admit the one with your chickens is a “heart” one for me. I lived on a small farm once where we raised Romney sheep and had a flock of chickens. I miss the chickens the most by far!


    1. Oh yes I love the chickens too. I have been raising chickens for more than 20 years now. I am not sure I could go without those fresh eggs!


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